As a successful outcome of our debut show, we the Lexeme Team experienced tremendous love and support from our community and our city Regina!. This love and support gave us more vigour and passion for our upcoming play which became a true labour of love for Lexeme fans and family. We aim to provide entertainment and theatre to all theatre goers and spread multiculturalism/multilingualism throughout … Continue reading “MANTO ON AIR” BY LEXEME THEATRE

Lexeme’s next play’s Announcement

Lexeme Team is happy to announce the name of our featured playwright for our next play “Saadat Hasan Manto”. Saadat is a legendary playwright of Urdu Language, who challenged the society and commented deeply upon it!. His body of work is diverse and full of different genres including tragedy, black humor, romance ect. We will be announcing the name of the show very soon, so … Continue reading Lexeme’s next play’s Announcement