Ahmed A. Cheema

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Ahmed manages a sunglass store while keeping a shade on immaculateness of Pakistani culture in Regina.
Being a part of Pakistani Students’ Association, I was agitated to organize Salam Pakistan for two consecutive years; 2017-2018.

Ahsan Saifullah

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I am a grade 10 student who goes to Campbell Collegiate. I am passionate about Soccer and play the right-wing position. Cricket is also an enjoyable sport and balling is my way of showing off the skills. In my spare time you will find me chilling with my friends at Macs. I have participated in many stage performances because of my Mom (cliché but true for all). For more information additional charges will apply



Chris is a Psychology Major and theatre performance minor at the University of Regina. He has been in the trades such as construction and wood work since he was fourteen. He enjoys building tables, clocks and treasure chest. He has four pets; a tarantula named Prim, a bearded dragon whose name is TwoToe and two very cuddly rambunctious cats Charcoal and Chatter. Chris is a committed person as he also has three jobs. Fun fact is that Chris is a huge Doctor Who fan, its on you to guess who.. !



I am Gill, I am a first year student at University of Regina doing bachelors in computer science. I am originally from India, I have  been in Canada for one month now. I am a person of many talents, I love sufi music as I am very musically inclined !. I have been involved in theatre plays before and enjoy performing arts. I am very observant and change according to my audience.. u will find me a kid in the company of kids and an adult in the company of adults. I am a explorer, a party person and enjoy good company of friends. Gyming and car racing is one of my passions, I also love going on long drives. I multitask and handles situations accordingly, I am a passive person who believes in non-violence. You might also find me cooking great food, I love nature and one might describe me as a nature lover who loves animals especially dogs.

Hassan Siddiqui

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Hassan Siddiqui, a current Engineering Student at the University of Regina has represented a couple of clubs as a President and Director. He has been the President of the Pakistani Students’ Association from the year 2015 – 2018, in which he organized “Salam Pakistan” featuring international artists such as Falak Shabir in 2017 and Imran Khan in 2018. As Director of Titans Social and Sports club he manages social events and has even hosted a few himself. Apart from leadership talents, Hassan also pursues his interest in cricket as he is the President of the University of Regina Cricket Association.
Hassan is also passionate about music and acting, as he has performed in musicals through Balfour High School, that is, “Once upon a mattress” in 2014 and “Wizard of Oz” in 2013. Furthermore, he also performed in a musical skit at Diwali Gala in 2016.
Lastly, Hassan Siddiqui is currently employed as an Inbound Sales Representative at SaskTel even though very social and talkative as recommended for the job Hassan also enjoys Urdu and English literature.

Hussain Zaidi

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Hussain Zaidi is a second year Theatre major acting student. His focus in acting lies in acting for the camera, acting on stage, improv, and even stand up comedy. Acting and drama has always been his specialty and passion since high school. He made his acting debut in the production “Springs Awakening” in 2016. Since then he has appeared in the “Making Treaty 4” Workshop Performance which is also up on YouTube. In February, 2018 he won the “Best Actor” award staring in a lead role for the film “Mr. Love Letter” in the “12 hour Film Challenge” at the U of R. You can even catch his performance in improv every semester brought by the “Prism Improv Company”. This year is his first time acting in a bilingual theatre club and he’s very enthused and excited about being in the extraordinary production of “BU”.

Mishal Saifullah

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Mishal is a second-year student at the University of Regina, aiming for a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy. She loves to dance to cultural and hip-hop music. Anytime you need a spoiler alert about TV Shows, she’s the one to ask from because reading and watching fiction is on her “To do List” every day.
Some of her achievements include being an executive member of the Ismaili Students Association UTSG. As an exec member she led frosh week events and organized the end of year Formal along with her team. Another achievement was being an executive member of Pakistan Students Association U of R, where she directed and choreographed a fashion show with her team.

Rakhshan Shahzad


Rakhshan is a University of Regina student completing her BSc in Biology. You’ll always find her grabbing an “Ice Capp” from Tim’s regardless of the weather and catch cold, the very next day. She might seem shy to talk to but just approach and you’ll find a great friend. Rakhshan is a vocalist with a light melodious voice. She has been part of the “Noon Coral” in High School. She has also taken part in many stage performances in her High School by co-hosting and dancing. Lastly, she was a performer at the cultural show of Salam Pakistan 2018. Fun Fact : You might never get her name spelling right the first time, so it’s okay to make the mistake “once”.

Sukhmeen Kaur Maan


Sukhmeen is a second year Computer Science major at the University of Regina. She likes to sing, dance and act. But the thing she has a penchant for is writing. She writes her own songs and composes them before bringing them to the listeners. She is utterly inclined towards Urdu literature and reads about history of pretty much everything. One of her idols is Rumi, the Farsi poet and it is reflected in her sufi style of writing and living in general. She wants to learn through Lexeme about theatre skills, considering the impact that theatre has on people.